Top 10 Tips for Letting out your Holiday Home

When you think of owning a holiday home, what are the images that come to mind? Weekends relaxing in the country? Dreamy seaside getaways with your nearest and dearest? You may purchase your holiday home dreaming of lazy weekends, languid summer vacations, and Christmas in a charming locale. These are all wonderful dreams for a holiday home, but have you considered that your investment might turn into a revenue stream, as well? If you would like to use your private getaway to bring in some extra capital, but are not sure how to let a holiday home, we can help. Here, we offer some tips to help you get started.

  1. Choose the right location. If you do not already own one, knowing where to buy a holiday home in the UK can make all the difference when it comes time to let your home. Look for a location popular with tourists, whether that is a countryside retreat or a coastal setting. Areas with good walking and cycling routes and easily accessible amenities are a safe bet.
  1. Familiarise yourself with the letting a holiday home process. There is a lot to learn, in terms of rules, regulations, permissions, mortgage, insurance, and taxes. Planning permission may not be needed, unless you are starting a new business, converting, or extending your property, in which case you may need to file a change of use application. You will, however, need to carry holiday let insurance, and may require a specialist holiday let mortgage. Talk to a mortgage broker or financial adviser so that you do not make a misstep. Short term rental properties do have certain tax advantages over long term rental properties, which can help you offset some of your expenses against your annual profits. For a property to qualify as a furnished holiday let, it must be available for 210 days a year and let for at least 105 of those days. It must have white goods and sufficient furniture for normal use, along with anything else a holidaymaker might need, and it must be rented with the goal of making a profit. As with the mortgage, it is a good idea to talk to a financial advisor about taxes, to make sure you are filing correctly and getting all possible benefits from your property.
  1. Include features that add value to your guests’ stay. Assuming you have chosen a holiday home that is in an area that appeals to tourists, you are certain to have competition. Push your rental to the top of the list by including desirable features like a hot tub or a log burner. Good Wi-Fi is essential, and so is outfitting your rental with high-quality furnishings. Your property should be stylish, well-presented, spotlessly clean, and flawlessly maintained, so that your guests will feel welcome and want to return. Environmentally friendly features make a property stand out from a crowd, and electric car charges are a huge boon. Successful holiday cottage owners continually make improvements, investing back into their property to make it better and keep it looking its best. Little touches make a big difference, like leaving your guests some treats or creating a welcome pack that offers information not only on the property and how to operate appliances, but also on the local area. You can even choose to leave a hamper of local goodies for your guests to enjoy, along with recommendations for things to do and places to eat. Solicit feedback from your guests, so that you can make the next stay even better.
  1. Be pet friendly. It might not occur to you as an amenity, but allowing guests to bring their pets goes a long way towards making their stay enjoyable. About 35 percent of bookings include dogs, in part because the pandemic led to an increase in dog ownership. To make the most of this trend, consider not just allowing four-legged guests, but treating them as part of your guests’ families. Owners should consider more frequent deep cleanings when pets visit regularly but can charge an additional charge per pet that will cover this.
  1. Welcome families.  Creating a child-friendly holiday rental increases the appeal of your property for your guests. Including things like a travel cot, bathroom stroll, or high chair can reduce pressure on families trying to bring along everything they need for their holiday. Offer items to entertain children, look for ways to child-proof the property and make it safer, and ask for feedback from families after their stay.
  1. Embrace technology. When your holiday home is listed online, it is easier for visitors to book their stays or change their reservations. While they stay there, they will want easy access to social media, email, and the internet, so free Wi-Fi is a must. You might also consider smart home technology, like heating you can adjust remotely.
  1. Feature flexible bookings. Short breaks are in high demand, and that demand is steadily increasing. When you make your property available for short breaks, then, you are increasing the market for your holiday home. Accepting last minute bookings can help increase your rentals as well, and so can a generous cancellation policy.
  1. Stay in the property yourself. Dropping by every now and again to check on the property is good, but it does not give you the same sense of the place as staying there. When you spend a longer period of time there, you will notice if something is making a strange noise, or an appliance is not working properly. You can attend to anything that may need a tune up or touch up, and make your property nicer for the guests. Staying there is also great for informing you about things you may have neglected to provide, like condiments or soap. It might also inspire you to include some extras, like beach towels, a game system, or colouring books for the kids.
  1. Screen guests and clearly state rules. Be certain that the people to whom you are renting are who they say they are; you do not want to rent to a couple and have them smuggle in a crowd, or rent to a family and end up with a bunch of drunken students. Make your rules clear ahead of time, and be firm but fair. You want your guests to enjoy the time they spend in your holiday home, but you do not want them to destroy your property or disturb your neighbours. It is perfectly reasonable to ban parties or establish quiet hours.
  1. Let someone else do the hard work. Successfully letting your holiday home may seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. Choosing the right management company to partner with can make the process easy and profitable. At Together Travel, we work with homeowners so that we can understand their objectives for their properties and help them achieve their goals. Utilising the latest trends and technology, our in-house marketing and revenue experts can promote your property across a variety of optimised platforms. Furthermore, our sector experience, dynamic pricing model, innovative marketing campaigns, along with a personal concierge service, make Together Travel the top choice for booking a luxury staycation in the UK. Let us, put our proven practices to work for you, to make letting out your holiday home a successful venture. If you are still shopping around for property, we can help with that too. Explore our current portfolio of holiday homes available to purchase, and you will see that as the exclusive agent and operator for Natural Land holiday homes, we have access to exceptional holiday homes in areas of great natural beauty, built sustainably and to modern standards, yet designed to complement the surrounding landscape.

If you are interested in letting your holiday home, or you would like to buy a beautiful property as a holiday home to let, Together Travel can help you get started, as well as handling all the details to make it simple. If you are looking for an exquisite place to visit, Together Travel can help with that, too. All across the UK, we have luxurious, comfortable, unique properties located wherever you want to be. Find out how we can make your trip amazing by contacting our expert concierge team at +44(0)1625 416430 or emailing us for more information.


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